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Applied Mathematician - FS Poly

Fairfax, VA
Our client runs a Tactical Research & Development program focused on applications of Signal Processing to direct missions. The team, which works in conjunction with customer-owned labs, identifies capabilities gaps, comes up with novel approaches, builds proofs of concept, and prototypes solutions. This interdisciplinary group brings a mix of Scientists (1-D and 2-D Signal Processing Experts, Applied Mathematicians, Data Scientists, Image Scientists, Physicists, and Electrical Engineers) and Software Engineers (C/C++/Python Developers who implement and optimize algorithms, ETL and data-wrangling Engineers, and Developers with Machine Learning experience) to bear on a very wide variety of problems across many different Intelligence and Defense customers. The technologies involved are varied and regularly-changing, so the interest in and ability to learn quickly is a must, as is a deep sense of focus on mission success. The organization is incredibly flat, made up of many small teams with virtually no management structure. Each team tackles one or more concurrent problems, with project durations lasting anywhere from 1 day to a few weeks or months. A few efforts run for longer periods of time, as this team looks about 2 years ahead on capabilities. There are no politics and no red tape - the focus is simply on getting results and ensuring mission success. One of the best aspects of this program, and our client as a whole, is that you can get promoted and advance your career while remaining technical. You also get to see the work you do have a real impact on missions. Work locations include both our client's facilities and customer-owned labs, in a variety of locations: Virginia (Fairfax, Ft. Belvoir, and classified locations); Colorado (Aurora, Denver, Buckley AFB), New Mexico (Las Cruces), and OCONUS sites. Base salaries are on-par with the market, but the total compensation is out of this world: in addition to a massive 401(k) contribution, they provide a large fund that can be used for various benefits with the remainder taken as additional cash. While many of the Scientists and Engineers on this program have MS or PhD degrees, strong individuals with a BS in EE, CS, Physics, Math, Data Science, or other Quantitative disciplines can also join the team (and if you want to get an advanced degree, our client will work to help you do that). Most roles can accept someone with a TS clearance, but a current TS/SCI is preferred. Our client is able to keep CI and FS Polys active as well.

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