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JavaScript Developer - 200K+ - FS Poly

Reston, VA
The Intel Community is often focused on finding a "needle in the haystack". Since 2014, our client's Lead Engineer has teamed with a government technical manager to do something different - build a BETTER haystack, develop new tools and techniques for finding needles, and work hand-in-hand with Analysts to get the data needed to confront ever-changing missions. This effort has grown from 2 to over 30 people since then. The team has created a general-purpose information-finding platform that has been applied successfully to counterterrorism, counternarcotics, weapons proliferation, and many other missions. All of their work focuses exclusively on overseas data, no US citizen data is involved, and it includes both classified and publicly-available data sets. A big part of the strength of this technology is tying multiple layers of data together in a manner that law enforcement is not otherwise able to do. People on this team consider themselves "Tactical Developers" or "Applied Software Engineers". Unlike traditional developers who focus on product development, deployments, etc., team members here address questions from analysts such as "I need help answering a specific question - can you get me the data I need?" While ETL and data investigation are a big part of the work, you also have to understand the Analyst's problem domain and map it to the data. From a technology standpoint, this project is extremely heavy in AWS - EC2, S3, and Lambda in particular: they were actually the first IC project to use Lambda and helped get the rest of the Agency to follow. But it's not just AWS - as Google and Microsoft Azure clouds are starting to move into the IC, this team is already working to find the best way to operate in hybrid clouds utilizing all 3 platforms. There are all sorts of databases - DocumentDB, Postgres, and others. A variety of languages are used, with Python and JavaScript being the most prevalent, with lots of Java and Kotlin as well. There's even a little bit of mobile CNO. The customer here is special: he was described by our client's Lead Engineer as "not only one of the best government customers I've worked with, but also one of the best human beings I've ever met". The focus is doing whatever is possible to help our country and empower Analysts with new capabilities and better data sets. Accordingly, Engineers are given extensive autonomy in choosing technologies and approaches to solve problems: if you think a new technology will get the job done better, you can investigate it. As this team grows, openings come up for additional Tactical Developers / Applied Software Engineers with TS/SCI + FS Poly clearances, particularly those with strong cloud computing backgrounds and skills in Python and/or JavaScript.

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