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AWS DevOps Engineer - 200K+, FS Poly

McLean, VA
We've found a team in the Intel Community that feels and functions like a startup commercial software product group - very rare in the Intel Community. This in-house software lab takes ideas from customer data scientists on how to utilize all sorts of different data streams, fleshes those ideas out into new product features, builds software that brings those ideas to life, and deploys that software and get it in the hands of users. Your work here will be used, not set on a shelf - many of this team's applications have become daily information sources for analysts and are gaining traction with new groups as well. One in particular is a widely-used daily "news feed" application that allows Analysts to see new information on entities specific to their missions. This is real Agile development, with Sprint planning and PMs that interface with the customers directly so the Software Engineers can focus on building great software. The team's attitude is that it should be as modern and high-quality as the best commercial software product groups. Open source software is used wherever it can be, and the team has huge latitude in choosing technologies. New tech exploration is heavily encouraged, and Software Engineers regularly grow on the job. For example, one developer on the team started as a React expert and within a year became an AWS-aware full stack developer and DevOps engineer working extensively with Docker. The team works from idea to deployment: data ingest, data processing, analytics, visualization. You'll find Python, Java, React, Angular, NiFi, Spark, Docker, and AWS - everything is being done on top of cloud infrastructure. The team gets to build its own infrastructure as well - whatever they need, they set up themselves. You'll get exposed to all sorts of different technologies, you won't be pigeon-holed, and you'll grow. The team regularly has roles for Software Developers and for DevOps Engineers. Jack-of-all-trades engineers who can rapidly learn new things, as well as deep specialists in any of the areas listed above, can succeed on this team. All roles require US citizenship and a current TS/SCI + FS Poly clearance.
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